Marvel Television Explore Mutants and Inhumans at Comic Con

By kastor417 - July 23, 2017

Both Fox and ABC brought the Inhumans and Gifted to Comic Con with new trailers. 

Both show starting this fall are different takes on the outcast of the Marvel Universe. Fox takes on an X-men story, turning the tables on a government agent who hunts mutants only to find out his kids are mutants. It will force him to turn to the one group that he as been hunting for years to save his family. This darker take on the story might give new life to the X-men world, that has been lack luster in film. Though they are mentioned in the trailer don’t expect the main X-men team to show up, well unless the ratings drop.

Marvel also brought it’s downsized Inhumans to the show this week, though the trailer was met with mixed reactions. The biggest criticism is Medusa’s hair in the short trailer, the effects look unfinished and sloppy, making fans wonder what else was sacrificed due to budget. The other complaint online was the song choice, which I think made the trailer, pointed to Maximus being human in the Inhuman homeland, but for those who read the comics he does not have an outward power but a mental one. So the story line of him trying to take over the throne of his silent brother Black Bolt by slowly influencing the population seems to be happening here.

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