New Marvel Universe Images Surface

By bill - January 2, 2013

Just in time for the new year, a bunch of images have surfaced of the figures from Hasbro’s upcoming Marvel Universe three-packs.

We didn’t see much activity in the Marvel Universe team packs in 2012, but it looks like that’s about to change– due in early Spring, we’re getting three new team sets, including the Inhumans, the Uncanny X-Men and West Coast Avengers.  We’ve been seeing the Inhumans and X-Men sets for some time at various conventions, but they’re definitely going to be worth checking out, finally delivering Rogue in her classic 90’s look, as well as kicking off the Inhumans with Black Bolt, Medusa and Karnak.

What’s more exciting here, though, is a first look at the trio making up the West Coast Avengers set.  I was a little disappointed to learn earlier that Mockingbird would be the only new character in the pack, along with re-releases of War Machine and Hawkeye.  However after seeing the pictures, we’re getting new variants of both heroes, including a late 80’s Hawkeye with short sleeves and a black and white repaint of War Machine.

Changing these figures up makes me feel a lot better about getting this set… which I was going to do anyway as I love Mockingbird, but the cool new repaints make the set more of a win.  Check out the pictures below, which showed up in some overseas eBay listings a few weeks back.  All three new Marvel Universe team packs are scheduled to hit retail sometime in January.  I can’t wait!

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