New Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Sunday, March 1st

By staff-writers - February 27, 2015

marvel avengers assemble banner


This Sunday, March 1, MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE returns with an all-new episode airing at 8:30am/7:30c inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD. Tune in for the brand-new episode “Thanos Triumphant” where the Avengers fight against Thanos, whose power has been increased by the Infinity Stones!

BIG HEROES! BIG VILLAINS! AND BIGGER ADVENTURES this week, Share Your Universe with a brand new episode of MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE this Sunday at 8:30am/7:30c inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.


Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. – “Thanos Triumphant”

With the power of all five Infinity Stones finally in his gauntlet, Thanos plans to wield his power over the universe while the Avengers make a desperate attempt to stop him. Find out if the Avengers have enough power to defeat Thanos and regain control of the Infinity Stones in an all-new MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE airing Sunday, March 1 8:30am/7:30c in the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.

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