Marvel’s Choice For Dr. Strange: Benedict Cumberbatch

By bill - October 28, 2014

It’s been strongly suggested that Sherlock Holmes will become Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme.

Marvel is apparently having some kind of big meeting today, and apparently it’s centered around the casting of Dr. Strange… and according to Deadline the choice is Benedict Cumberbatch.  This comes in the wake of Joaquin Phoenix dropping out of negotiations for the role back around Comic Con, which is still sort of a bummer.

I’m not knocking on Cumberbatch– he obviously has a colossal built-in fanbase which could help give Marvel some leeway to make another left-of-center movie like they pulled off with Guardians of the Galaxy, and Cumberbatch is clearly well-versed in geek franchises.  But to me, his casting is nowhere near as interesting as Phoenix… even if it’s more promising than an Ewan McGregor or Jared Leto.

Let’s see if this is legit, but I’m betting it is.  Dr. Strange is one of the last of my absolute favorite Marvel heroes to get the big screen treatment, so obviously I’m really pushing for this movie, even moreso than most Marvel films.  While we wait, if someone can sell me on Cumberbatch as the right man to wear the Eye of Agamotto in the comments, I’d totes appreciate it.

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