Massive Marvel Legends Update: X-Men, Civil War & Spider-Man

By bill - June 1, 2016

ML-JuggernautJuggernaut revealed! New Legends lineups confirmed!!  And they’re coming really soon!!!

It’s been a great past 48 hours for anyone into Hasbro’s Marvel Legends.  First, Hasbro Pulse followed up on last week’s reveal of the X-Men Legends Wolverine with a look at the completed Build-A-Figure from the upcoming wave… the Juggernaut!  Yes, the Legends Series 6 Juggernaut remains a really nice toy… and yes, the Marvel Select version of the character fits in quite nicely with the modern Legends collection… but none of this takes away from the quality of Hasbro’s all new figure.  Juggernaut looks great, and this BAF edition should make for the perfect solution for anyone who jumped on board the Legends train in the years after the release of the Toy Biz figure.



But that’s not all!  A day after Hasbro Pulse’s reveal, Dorkside Toys went live with preorders for the X-Men Legends, as well as the next assortments of Spider-Man and Captain America Legends.  These solicits seem to confirm the lineups for all three series of figures, and offer the most firm release dates we’ve seen until now.  While it’s important to bear in mind that none of this information has been announced by Hasbro proper, Dorkside has proven themselves as a very reliable retailer, and I trust that if they’re going live with this information, it’s legit.

Here’s the new Legends waves:

Marvel Legends X-Men (Juggernaut wave) – scheduled for June release

PHOENIX     630509448753     x1
HAVOK     630509448760     x1
CABLE     630509448777     x1
ICEMAN     630509448784     x1
KITTY PRYDE     630509448791     x1
ROGUE     630509448807     x1
DEADPOOL     630509448814    x1
WOLVERINE     630509448821     x1

Marvel Legends Spider-Man (BAF TBA) – – scheduled for June release

SLINGING HEROINES     630509402632     x1
EVIL ADVERSARIES     630509402656     x1
ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN     630509402663     x2
SLINGING HEROINES     630509402670     x1
ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN     630509402694     x2
EVIL ADVERSARIES     630509402700     x1

“Slinging Heroines” is a slot which will include both Silk and Ashley Barton (affectionately referred to by the oh-so-classy moniker ‘Spider-Bitch.’ ugh)… “Evil Adversaries” will feature both Hobgoblin and Electro, both looking pretty darn classic.

Marvel Legends Captain America (BAF TBA) – scheduled for July release

CA SECRET WARS CAPTAIN AMERICA     630509401857     x2
CA IRON SKULL     630509401840     x1
CA ENERGIZED EMISSARIES    630509401871     x2
CA MARVEL’S EEL     630509401826     x1
CA ENERGIZED EMISSARIES     630509401932     x1
CA SCARLET WITCH     630509443581     x1

“Energized Emissaries” will include Captain Britain and, according to Dorkside, Crossbones. This is one big change from earlier rumors that Wonder Man would share this slot… could he possibly be getting pushed to 2017 to be included in the next Guardians of the Galaxy Legends?

There’s lots to love for comic fans new and old alike in these lineups, and even a few new move figures to keep weirdos like me happy.  Keep in mind we will also see a slew of retailer exclusives this year, plus the Doctor Strange Legends, and maybe even a second wave of X-Men before the end of the year.  That’s a whole lot of Legends to love!

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