Ask Mattel 1/15/2013: What To Expect When You’re Expecting (Castle Grayskull)

By bill - January 15, 2013

We’ve got the first round of all-new answers from Mattel for 2013!  In this session, Matty speaks on what fans can expect from Castle Grayskull (as well as where we might see it first), and details on finishing off the Super Powers collection and Masters of the Universe.  Check out all the answers!

Kastor’s Korner: Thus far, we have seen DC Unlimited mixes including 3, then 2, then 4 new figures. What determines how many figures will be included in each assortment?

Mattel: For a retail line it is often retail orders that determine this.

Kastor’s Korner: Recently Bob Gale, the Back to the Future co-creator who publically endorsed the Hoverboard as it was originally presented, criticized the changes made on the final production piece. In light of this situation, have you considered a different approach regarding Castle Grayskull, to make sure both production and consumer expectations can be better managed, and buyers will feel more comfortable with the final product they receive?

Mattel: We’ll have the sculpt of the Castle to reveal soon (we hope at NYTF if it is ready) so you can judge for yourself!

Kastor’s Korner: Batman Unlimited Penguin is great! Does his release change the likelihood we will see the last, few figures needed to round out the Super Powers Collection, such as light blue Superman or SP Kalibak?

Mattel: We would love to do those repaints/retools. It all depends on finding a spot in the line for them!

Kastor’s Korner: In the last round of questions, you mentioned a 2-year roadmap to release as many classic MOTU characters as possible in the Classics line, but that the number would depend on how many slots both years include.  What will impact this number?  Will it be solely based on fan response (e.g. sub sales) or are there other factors?

Mattel: Yes. It is mostly based on sub sales which for 2013 was the bare min to go into production.

Kastor’s Korner: Ram-Man, while larger than a standard MOTU figure, is the first non-giant or beast deluxe figure.  Does his release suggest that other off-size characters, such as Two-Bad or Modulok, would also likely be considered deluxe figures, if they were to be made?

Mattel: Less so for Two-Bad but we could potentially see Modulok or Multi=bot being released this way. Two Bad is really a basic figure. He isn’t larger, just has two heads and a slightly wider chest.

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