Ask Mattel 12/2/2013: Batman 66 Exclusives, MOTU Minis Choices & More

By bill - December 2, 2013

Mattel is back with another round of answers as we get ready for 2014!  In this installment, Matty answers the odds of seeing Batman ’66 on their website, details on MOTU Minis, and some insight on MOTUC design choices.  Read on for all the latest answers!

Kastor’s Korner: Now that we know Batman ’66 will continue into 2014, will the line remain retail-only, or could we see some less retail-friendly items or characters as MattyCollector releases within the line?

Mattel: There are no plans for Batman 1966 items at this time.

Kastor’s Korner: What inspired the decision to make Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor over their original versions in the MOTU Minis line?

Mattel: Since we already offered a mini (although slightly bigger) version of classic HM and SK we wanted to go for something a little different in the main line now that the scale changes a bit from the one off SDCC video game item. It definitely doesn’t take Classic HM and SK off the table for later in the line, just not for the first offering.

Kastor’s Korner: When you originally constructed the heads on the MOTUC figures to be removable, why wasn’t the same design choice made for the hands?  Given the chunkiness of the figures, it seems like an easy thing to implement.

Mattel: It was a feature we talked about but would have driven up the costs.

Kastor’s Korner: For MOTUC, we know every SKU through 2015 is dedicated to finishing the main characters in the vintage line.  After 2015, will things like vehicles and weapons packs be back on the table?

Mattel: Possibly, but at this point 2016 is too far off to comment on.

Kastor’s Korner: Why doesn’t Mattel increase the portfolio and popularity of MattyCollector by bringing aboard other popular brands like Hot Wheels and Monster High?  We’ve seen MattyCollector items for these brands at Comic Con, but not on the site at other times.

Mattel: Hot Wheels has its own collector site called As for MH, if you would like to see MH dolls offered on, let  them know over on!

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