Ask Mattel 5/15/2014: All About Filmation Hordak

By junior - May 15, 2014

Filmation Hordak 3Like, seriously, we spent this entire round grilling Matty about the new Comic Con exclusive Hordak repaint.

KASTOR’S KORNER: After Spirit of Hordak (another reused tool), and Comic Con figures typically reserved for heavily-tooled “new” characters, why was a basic repaint Hordak variant with Imp thrown in for a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive? It’s nice as a quarterly variant, but underwhelming as a con exclusive over say, Light Hope.

MATTEL: There seems to be a misconception that there is some type of overarching rule that governs what a SDCC item should or should not be.  The bottom line is there is not. Some figures use existing parts, others have new parts. It is up to that figure and the specific execution that design wants to create with EVERY figure EVERY year that determines the exact look of any figure, whether SDCC or not. A lot of fans create their own self-initiated set of rules for what a toy should or should not offer; and quite simply that is not something Mattel has any control over or can often or always live up to. But we do try!

For our 2014 SDCC Hordak, he is a Classics interpretation of the Filmation animation, much like King Randor a few years back. He uses many existing parts, including the existing Hordak head to keep the look the same as previous Hordaks and not create two Hordak looks. It was not a decision to go “cheap” but rather a direct design choice.

This does not rule out doing an animated head down the line, but not something we wanted to offer with the Classics version of this Hordak variant.

KASTOR’S KORNER: Will SDCC Imp as a treasure chest be able to store any items inside?

MATTEL: Yes. The Keldor acid vile fits nicely. That is just one example.

KASTOR’S KORNER: The Imp bonus item was listed by another site as “first come first serve”. If we pre-order Hordak for pick-up, are we guaranteed the Imp bonus item?

MATTEL: Yes, if you preorder it is ideally guaranteed but we can never say that 100% for legal reasons. We should have enough for all other “day of” purchases at the show but can not 100% guarantee. Logistics do happen and we need to leave ourselves.

KASTOR’S KORNER: It was been stated that it takes 12-16 months to effective make a design change in production. This statement was meant to reflect the bulky armor, the leotards, and injection molded ankles for the females. What confuses customers is that they’re not looking for something new going forward, but rather they want Mattel to look back on what they’ve done successfully at various points in the line. Why are these things an obstacle NOW then they weren’t before?

MATTEL: Things are ALWAYS changing in the toy industry. New materials, costs, vendors, processes etc… There is no “one” way things are done forever.

KASTOR’S KORNER: With comparison pictures floating around illustrating NA Skeletor’s reversed shoulders, Mattel states they are “unique sculpts and are different form each other. They are attached as design intended”. Are you telling the customers that Mattel INTENDED to attach them in reverse, the same way Modulok’s feet were instructed to be attached, assembled opposite of how the Horsemen sculpted and intended him to look? How many times can you make this claim that “you meant to do that” and expect it to eventually work?

MATTEL: Intergalactic Skeletor has two completely unique shoulders and they are assembled as design intended. (if that helps!)

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