Ask Mattel 5/30/2014: MOTUC 2016 & More

By junior - May 30, 2014

Comic Con is just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for Mattel to re-up on their drive to make Club Eternia 2015 a reality. But we’re skipping ahead, with some questions about the longer-term future of the toy line.  Read on for the latest Mattel answers!

Kastor’s Korner: What determines what bonus accessories are added to the upcoming figures? Entrapta has the iconic shaping staff, but lost a Horde crossbow. The concern is that characters run the risk of losing their own cool new accessories in favor of making other characters feeling more “complete” or adding artifacts that don’t truly “belong” to any one given character. Thoughts?

Mattel: Many factors determine this, mostly logistical issues such as tooling, costs and line time. There is not one “rule” that guides every figure and what accessories any one figure comes with. Often if an accessory has to get cut, we try to find ways to release it with another figure such as Plundor’s axe that is intended for Skeletor.

Kastor’s Korner: Will the 2015 price increase TRULY account for all the new tooling and paint apps these final figures will require?

Mattel: There is simply no way to know that. Costs continue to rise all the time in terms of labor and raw materials. Two things we have zero control over.

Kastor’s Korner: Will Huntara have removable blades for her stun swords as a way to tool in the Mighty Spector’s laser whip?

Mattel: At this time we do not have any details on Huntara to announce. But cool idea!

Kastor’s Korner: Given the list of SKUs needed to complete Vintage in 2015, we have more than 12 figures remaining, which is exciting! Can we expect the same amount of figures shoehorned into 2016 or will you take this opportunity to re-introduce beasts and weapons packs?

Mattel: 2016 is way too far off to make any comments on. First we need to sell in the 2015 line to even know if 2016 will happen. After all, the DC line did not hit in 2014 so that meant we did not develop a 2015 line. It is all in fan’s hands now!

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