Ask Mattel 9/10/2013: MOTU Accessories, DCUC He-Man Update & More

By bill - September 10, 2013

ask-mattel-skeletor-featIt’s time for another batch of answers from Mattel.  This time out, we get insight into what accessories might come with the 2014-15 MOTU figures, an update on the hypothetical DCUC style He-Man and lots more… Read on for all the answers!

Kastor’s Korner: The 66 Batman figures are a lot of fun for fans who have been waiting decades for something in toy form, but can you explain why the figures are out of scale? Adam West is 6’2″, Frank Gorshin was 5’10” and Burgess Meredith was 5’5″ yet all the figures from the first wave are the same height. Was it a concise choice to ignore the difference in height since there are minimal shared parts between the figures?

Mattel: The DC team will be sending answers in the near future.

Kastor’s Korner: For MOTU, it had been said that the figures on display would likely still be for sale since they had already been tooled.  Is this also the case for the DC figures shown thus far (Aquaman, Ice, Conner Kent and Damian Wayne)?  Have they been tooled already, or were they just prototypes?

Mattel: We won’t know for a few months, as noted on our news section. It may be possible to release some DC 6″ items in 2014 but we are awhile away from knowing.

Kastor’s Korner: With no more weapons paks, have you considered giving the “final year” 2015 figures extra items to plus-up older figures as an extra incentive to push through another year for MOTU?

Mattel: We won’t be able to add additional accessories due to cost issues, but we will try to make sure every accessory counts!

Kastor’s Korner: Many new fans of the MOTUC collection are not buying in to the new set because they missed older figures like Trap Jaw or Teela.  Have you considered using 2016 to reboot the line as a “version 2,” with increased articulation or new/ unique weapons to mix and match with older versions?  This way, the older toys maintain their collectibility and cannot be replaced, but newcomers can still get all the core cast of characters.

Mattel: It is certainly something we have looked into, but right now we are making sure every sku counts to get us a new figure and help complete the vintage roadmap. We can certainly look at revisiting older A list characters, but likely this won’t be until after 2015.

Kastor’s Korner: Back in June, a poll circulated about getting MOTU figures in DC Universe 6″ style.  With MOTUC reaching its end game in 2015 and the 6″ DC Universe on hold due to the end of the 2014 sub, is this still a possibility, or has this concept been completely abandoned?

Mattel: It is certainly possible but no plans right now to announce.

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