Ask Mattel 11/1/2012: What’s Up With Flight Stands, DC Weapons Paks & More

By bill - October 27, 2012

Mattel gives us a re-Halloween treat… a new round of answers, five days early!  This time around, Matty explains why Octavia’s tentacles won’t be bendy, and update on the upcoming new flight stands, and the chances we’ll see Weapons Paks for DC Universe and WWE. Read on for all the answers…

Kastor’s Korner: Is there time for Octavia’s tentacles to be designed to be bendy? We’re grateful she won’t feature the foam materials from Snout Spout, but we have seen a better-designed bendy material utilized for King Hssss and Monster High’s Meowlody that seems like it would work perfectly for Octavia.

Mattel: There is time, but due to fans overwhelmingly not liking this feature on Snout Spout we won’t be repeating it.

Kastor’s Korner: The MOTU Weapons Paks add a great customizable feature to the Masters collection. Have you considered applying the Weapons Pak concept to DC Universe/ Unlimited, or an accessory pack for WWE?

Mattel: Something we are always looking into, but based on sub sales for DCU and sales of WWE items on there just isn’t a customer base for these type of items. The reason MOTU can do items like this is due to much higher sub sales.

Kastor’s Korner: At NYCC last year, it was stated new flight stands were being worked on. Is there any update on this plan, given it has been just about a year?

Mattel: Yes, we should have these to show at NYTF.

Kastor’s Korner: Given how well TOD Sorceress sold at Power Con, has there been any consideration to increase the size of future Convention tour exclusives, such as a themed multi-pack? While their Collector’s Clubs are obviously a different model than a major toy company, GI Joe Con and BotCon have both seen lots of success with Con exclusive multi-packs.

Mattel: Definitely something we will look into.

Kastor’s Korner: Much like the infamous Harley Quinn, recent figures such as Frosta and Uncle Sam seem to feature more grey than white on their light-colored parts. The next figure set to feature a lot of white deco is Netossa, but will she feature the same off-white coloring or actually be white?

Mattel: We are constantly looking into issues like this to improve.

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