Mattel Reveals Ghostbusters Ecto-1 & Puts It Up For Preorder

By kastor417 - July 20, 2013

ecto1-featThe most famous car from the 80s that isn’t a DeLorean has been revealed for Mattel’s Ghostbusters Movie Masters collection.

This is a nice surprise– I assumed the Ghostbusters reveals Mattel has been hinting at would be a few more replica piece sand that would be it… Instead we get the announcement that they are going for the ‘Busters classic ride, the Ecto-1.

Based on the images, it’s a fantastic piece, totally accurate to the movie vehicle, and it’s intended to be loaded with action features, including:

  • A pull-out rack for storing the removable proton packs that come with the new 6” Peter and Ray figures (sold separately).
  • The headlights of the Ecto-1 will flash and the beacon will light up with both blue and red lights.
  • The doors and trunk of the Ecto-1 will actually open so you can get your 6” figures and their gear inside!
  • The authentic Ecto-1 signature ambulance siren lets bystanders know the Ecto-1 is coming.
  • The Ecto-1 features engine revving sounds recreated to sound just like in the film!

To go along with the car, new versions of Ray and Peter are planned, with removable Proton Packs so they can ride in the Ecto-1.  Since this is an ambitious piece and a 100% original tool, Mattel is asking for a steep commitment on the Ecto-1, to the sum of $215 (sans the two figures).  Like we’ve seen with past high end items like Castle Grayskull, the Ecto-1 can only move forward if they reach a certain volume of preorders.

They’ll be keeping track on, so if you’re interested in a very nice, 6″ scale Ecto-1 vehicle for your Ghostbusters, start pinching those pennies because the preorder is only open from now to November 5th.

Click Here to preorder your Ecto-1 now!

Ecto1 full

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