Mattel Shows Off Adam West Batman Collection

By bill - February 9, 2013

Holy “Out of left field,” Batman!

Yesterday saw the confirmation– and first images– of Mattel’s long-rumored 60’s TV Batman collection.  Now it looks legit, as the company revealed three figures based on Adam West’s campy caped crusader, Frank Gorshin’s Riddler and Burgess Meredith’s Penguin.  Oh, and we’re getting an in-scale Batmobile, as well (!!!).

These guys all look great!  There’s some excellent portraits going on here, and the ample articulation looks to be on par with any Movie Masters figures.  The cloth cape on Batman is quite welcome, especially so he can fit into his sweet ride.  The rumor is this line will be mass retail, which seems entirely wrong– a campy 40 year old TV show doesn’t seem like the best fit to share shelf space with Bakugan at Wal-Mart.  I’d bet these will be specialty-based and Matty Collector exclusives, but we’ll find out soon, as Mattel’s Toy Fair presentation is only a day and a half away.

As much as that Batmobile looks killer, I really don’t understand why this new, unproven line would get a vehicle, while we still wait for a Super Powers version to round out the Kenner tribute collection.  But that Batman?  100% pure WEST.

Source: USA Today & Entertainment Earth

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