Mattel Updates on the Future of the DC Universe Collection

By bill - January 24, 2014

doomsday-contained-featMattel shares some insight into the end of the DC Universe Classics collection, and announces a surprise coming to NYCC next fall.

Matty Collector posted on their Facebook page an update on 2014’s DC Universe plans, reiterating much of what has already been covered (the four quarterly figures will mark the end of the line, unleashed Doomsday will not happen), along with a few new surprises.  Most notably, the rumored sixth DCUC release this year will indeed happen, as a New York Comic Con exclusive.  While Mattel is keeping mum on what the figure will be until Toy Fair next month, they promise it will be “something a lot of fans have been asking for,” and a “a heroic sendoff” to the long running toy line.

The other new news here is that the quarterly releases– 90a Aquaman, Ice, Superboy and Damian Wayne– will be available during Early Access for Masters of the Universe subscribers (yay!).  Aside from that, there’s not much new in the announcement… but it’s nice to hear Scott Neitlich offer candid insight into why they won’t be moving forward with the Unleashed Doomsday figure, and in a way that’s more tactful than how he first explained it to us.

I still think Unleashed Doomsday could be feasible… I understand a figure of that magnitude would involve some serious tooling dollars, but I’d pay a considerable price tag to add him to my collection.  Maybe I’m in the minority, but these days, if I really want a figure, I’m okay with having to pay a little more for it.  But I understand that kind of strategy is a bigger risk on the investment needed to make the figure in the first place, so it is what it is.

The whole post is worth a read, if only to get a better understanding of how Mattel operates behind the scenes.  I really am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us at Toy Fair this year… with an exciting lineup for Masters of the Universe and the new smaller scale DC Multiverse showing promise, the toymakers still have some aces up their sleeve in the wake of DC Universe Classics.

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