Here’s Mattel’s Comic Con Exclusive Lineup

By bill - May 19, 2014

mattel-SDCC-featDon’t mistake lateness for lack of interest.  They’re not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Mattel has finished (?) their rollout of 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusives, and I’ve barely posted about it.  This is because things have been a little crazy both at the Korner and pretty much everywhere else for me.  Also, the new Mattel exclusives are by no means cranking things up to eleven this year, if you ask me.  We’re probably at about 4.

We’ve already seen the Filmation Hordak, our only Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive this year.  While I agree with Junior and many other fans that the reused head is kind of a cop out, he’s actually ranking as one of Mattel’s more interesting offerings, by default. And DCUC Doomsday looks pretty cool, although seeing that containment suit reminds me of what we’re missing out on with the Unleashed Doomsday, being denied to us– for all intents and purposes– because Mattel would rather throw a year-long tantrum than make money.

Last week saw the addition of a Monster High two-pack, of which I know very little.  But they look kind of neat, I guess?  And then we got three more reveals last Friday– a DC Total Heroes Cyborg, a box set from Pixar’s Cars, and a 3.75″ scale Arkham Knight Batmobile with the same dreadful Multiverse Batman figure now sporting a cloth cape.

I think the most impressive, by far, is actually the Cars set, which includes die cast versions of Lightning McQueen and Shu Todoroki sporting very striking neon paint apps.  It’s packed in a window box diorama with the streets of Tokyo, and it’s certainly very eye catching.  I’m not a huge fan of the Cars franchise, but this is a very nice piece, and I’d imagine it will go over well.

Cyborg looks neat, too, and I love that he follows the lead of the Matty Collector exclusives by featuring multiple heads and swappable accessories.  I’ve been meaning to check out the Total Heroes line to see how they are, so maybe Cyborg will be my intro to the series?

I’m happy to see we’re finally getting a Batmobile, but it’s a shame we’re getting such a lame one.  For all their good points, I’ve never been a fan of the tank-like Batmobile in the Arkham series.  It’s too dull and clunky and un-interesting for my taste.  Including the same weirdly proportioned, bad Batman currently occupying DC Multiverse shelves everywhere isn’t doing this set any favors either, but it’s the steep price tag– $85!!!– that makes this set a downer in my book.

Overall, Mattel’s lineup isn’t very exciting to me, but I’m perfectly okay with that when it comes to Con exclusives.  I feel it’s always bad when a company makes an integral, very important thing as a Con release, because so many fans simply can’t attend.  Mattel is great about making their exclusives available on their site after the show, so they can have a little more leeway in the relevant exclusives department, but I’m fine with them going in this direction instead.

Cyborg and Doomsday can certainly be argued as not obscure, but Doomsday is from a dead toy line and I am confident Cyborg will be readily available after the show is over.  The rest of the exclusives are neat looking repaints and redecoes, mainly, which will be a nice tangential addition to a collection, without feeling at all mandatory for any but the most die hard completists.  I  really like that in my exclusives.

Here’s some images, and the rundown on each from Mattel:

Masters of the Universe® Classics Hordak® with Imp ($30)

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of She-Ra® and Princess of Power® with the first-ever Filmation-style Hordak® figure! Inspired by his ‘80s animated appearance, complete with blue skin and interchangeable cannon/”human” arms, this figure includes a snap-on claw hand for his cannon arm and a Horde magic staff. Joining Hordak® is his sarcastic sidekick from the series, Imp, in his first appearance as a Classics figure.

Added Bonus Only at SDCC! When you purchase this Hordak® figure at the show or pre-order the figure to be picked up at the show, you also get a bonus “Imp as a Treasure Chest” figure! Packed in a separate poly bag (not on the blister card with Hordak® and Imp above), this special item is available only at SDCC and will not be included with the Hordak® with Imp figure sold at after the show. First come, first served.

DCU Classics Doomsday ($35)

One of the most demanded figures in the DCU Classics Signature Series finally arrives! This massive maniac had the ultimate face-off with Superman™ in the best-selling issue of Superman #75, and now, he joins our DC Universe Classics line. Standing at over 9” tall with 16 points of articulation, the unstoppable killing machine arrives in his containment suit. Doomsday comes in a custom window box that pays homage to the cover of Superman: The Man of Steel #18, the issue where he made his first full appearance.

Monster High® Manny Taur™ & Iris Clops ™ 2-Pack ($40)

Bull in china shop seeks gentle ghoul with the stars in her eye to help navigate the confusing maze of high school love.

Batman™ Arkham Knight Batmobile ($85)

In the video game, Batman™ battles all-new threats in Gotham City with the help of an arsenal-equipped vehicle. This Batman™: Arkham Knight Batmobile features premium, highly-detailed deco and authentic sounds straight from the game, and much more!

The vehicle comes with an articulated DC Comics™ Multiverse Arkham City Batman™ figure with a fabric cape allowing Batman™ to sit in the driver’s seat!

DC Comics™ Total Heroes™ Ultra Cyborg ($25)

Tech-equipped Cyborg joins the Total Heroes™ lineup! As homage to the Super Powers Cyborg figure, this figure has silver VUM deco, and arrives with two interchangeable heads, his classic look and an updated stylized version, as well as three sets of hands. This hybrid of man and machine brings with him a tool and gear for just about any job he might encounter, including a Mega Blade, a Concussion Cannon and a Sonic Scrambler (all of which fit onto his arms), and a Jetpack with Airfoil Wings so he can take to the air!

Disney•Pixar Cars 2014 Special Edition Neon Racers Gift Pack ($50)

Welcome to Japan! Shu Todoroki is hosting an endurance night race from Mt. Fuji to Tokyo’s colorful Ginza District. Get ready to experience the exciting world of neon racing!

In Japan, the presentation of a gift is as important as the gift itself. You can experience this Japanese tradition with the 2014 Special Edition Neon Racers Gift Pack. The specially designed furoshiki, Japanese wrapping cloth, features comic book-style illustrations of the Neon Racers story. Open the wrap and you’ll find a racing diorama with die-cast characters Lightning McQueen and Shu Todoroki illuminating the streets of Tokyo in their amazing customized lighting and neon deco.

These products will be available for pre-order at on June 24, 2014, to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con. It will also be available for purchase at the show, then at on August 5, 2014.

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