McFarlane Packs NFL Size Fun In A Small Package

By hopkins - December 16, 2013

Mcfarlane Small Pros Kastor's KornerCan McFarlane deliver a huge hit in two inch scale?

Series one Small Pros delivers 13 exciting big named players in two inch action scale. Players like RGIII,Aaron Rodgers,Peyton Manning,Trent Richardson,Calvin Johnson,Jason Witten, Andrew Luck,Troy Polamalu and the surprise figure Adrian Peterson. Four of the Nine figures include chase figures Andrew luck white Jersey,Peyton Manning blue uniform and Broncos helmet, Aaron Rodgers in his beanie and mustache, and Robert Griffon III in white jersey. All figures come disassembled in blind packaging and include a green colored base for standing. Each figure has limited articulation with the head and arms but what they lack in articulation they make up for in detail each player has their name printed on the back of their jerseys. Even the high forehead of Peyton is unmistakeable.

Finding room to display these guys is no problem. Only being 2.5 inch in size they practically will fit anywhere so showing love of the game or team support is easier now no matter where you are. McFarlane Toys shows love for sports collectors and their passion to detail. Small Pros can be found at local toys stores and sports memorabilia shops. With four chances of finding a chase figure or even the surprise figure the thrill of the hunt is never over until all the figures are found. With a price tag of 3.99 these can’t be beat. Happy hunting.

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Thanks to McFarlane Toys for the figures for review

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