Mcfarlane Tackles The DC Animated Universe

By kastor417 - January 21, 2020

McFarlane Toys decided to jump in with both feet to the world of DC Comics toys. The DC Animated Universe is one corner they tackle in the first set of figures.

Everyone on Instagram called me a liar, they said I used self checkout to sneak out the Mcfarlane figure out of Target on the 7th… well not everyone but I got a few angry messages asking how I got my hands on them. Honestly I walked in gave them the DCPI and they handed me the figures. No hussle, no fight.

So I grabbed the John and Superman, then a few weeks later I found Batman at Walmart. I never got the DC Collectibles figures of the JLU, I did not want to drop all the money at once, and I thought the proportions were off a bit on a few of them. So I waited and ended up picking up all of these. Looking at the figures, yes they are a little off model, but for someone who does not have them at all they are a nice pick up.

I got rid of all my JLU a while ago when my ex-wife told me if I wanted to go to SDCC I had to pay my own way. So away they all went and I was animated-less for almost a decade, getting a figure here and there but never really rebuilding the JLU. Now to be fair only John is from the JLU, Bats and Sups are from their own shows, but they do look good together.

Batman has a rounder face, Superman is a little soft, and Jonn has some weird things going on in his shoulders, but they just look cool. And really isn’t that what we all want some cool looking toys?


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