NYCC 2014: McFarlane Toys “Builds” Excitement For Walking Dead & More

By bill - October 9, 2014

NYCC-McFarlane-Toys-featTodd McFarlane and McFarlane Toys showed off their amazing Walking Dead building toys and more at New York Comic Con.

It’s been a while, but 2014 marked the return of McFarlane Toys to NYCC, and Todd McFarlane himself took the time to share his enthusiasm over the upcoming Walking Dead building toys, scheduled to make their debut at Toys R Us stores as early as next week!

The first sets available will be Daryl Dixon with his bike, the Governor’s room, complete with heads in fish tanks and poor zombified Penny, and the Prison Wall, the biggest and most impressive set by far.  These playsets will be followed by single-pack blind bagged figures and a five-pack featuring Rick and some walkers to add to your horde.  Upcoming building sets on display included Dale’s RV (complete with lawn chairs mounted on the roof, of course) and a prison interior crawling with deadly walkers.

I love the look of these sets… they’re unlike any other building toys on the market, packed with details yet faithful to the brick-based construction we see in Lego, Kre-O and the like.  The result is something that bridges the gap between Legos, model kits, action figures and Marx-style figures and playsets, and they really look awesome.

In addition to the building sets, the next two waves of Walking Dead TV figures were also being shown, and they are looking very good.  I was underwhelmed with the idea of getting a second Carl so soon, but the new figure is such an upgrade, it’s hard to begrudge him.  In the meantime, great new characters like Abraham, Carol and Hershell will add to our cast, while updates like the fantastic looking Season Three Rick will refine the collection of survivors we already have in plastic.

The new Halo 4 line should be out any day, featuring two all new Master Chief figures, to be followed by a stunning resin statue.  Assassin’s Creed will also join the resin statue game, with an impressive Edward Kenway on display, as well as a new lineup of figures coming soon.

McFarlane Toys had a great showing on the floor at NYCC, and I love to see how much excitement the company and especially Todd himself have for the Walking Dead building collection.  That kind of enthusiasm is totally infectious, and I cannot wait to pick up these sets for myself at Toys R Us later this month!


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