A Look at McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Series 6

By bill - May 8, 2014

TWD-HershelThe first design images of McFarlane Toys’ sixth series of Walking Dead toys have hit the net.

We’ve known the lineup of The Walking Dead Series 6 for a few months now, but not any specifics about the figures or what they’d look like.  But now we do, thanks to the new 3D sculpt design images which showed up on the interwebs.

Overall, this looks to be a good bunch of figures– the character lineup is diverse and awesome, delivering a much-needed new Rick, staples of the show like Hershel and Carol, a newcomer in Abraham Ford and a new zombie who promises to include a fun action feature.

The designs look good, capturing many of these characters in what I’d consider definitive looks, and I’m totally stoked to see Hershel packed with three different legs (swappable?), so he can replicate his two-legged look, as well as one leg or his fake one.

I assumed The Governor would be a simple repaint with a new coat, but based on what we see here he’ll be a little more unique than that, and I like this style for the leader of Woodbury.

Overall, what we get here is another solid lineup of figures, that go a long way in completing our cast of survivors.  I know some zombie fans lament the shortage of walkers in McFarlane’s toy line, but I’m much more keen on assembling our cast of characters, and Series 6 gets us damn close to finishing the core cast of the show.

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