Toy Fair 2018- Mcfarlane Toys

By kastor417 - March 1, 2018

One of the booths we spend the most time with was the McFarlane Toys Booth, and with good reason!

Video game figures and the Walking Dead have been what we come to expect from McFarlane, but with the new licenses of Stranger Things and Star Trek things are looking up for collectors. First off the figures are moving back to card and bubble packing to make them more recognizable as action figures, and useful articulation is what the designs will include going forward. The highlights of the booth were definitely Stranger Things and Star Trek. We will see a good deal of new figures in the next year to help give us the looks of the kids in both seasons, with an overall general scale. The accessories and designs look spot on to the show, with a mix of 2 packs, 4 packs, and singles coming out over the next year. Looking at what they are doing it makes me want to see them get their hands on more TV and movie properties, that cam corder would look amazing with a Marty McFly.

Star Trek is also going to get some amazing figures. Kicking off the Picard and Kirk the sky is the limit for toys, with most of Trek falling under their license. The design team are also real fans making sure that we get all the little accessories and sculpts we want, yes Picard has a “make it so” hand. There are not more building sets to announce from Rick and Morty or South Park, but if retailers want them they have further waves all ready to go.


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