Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy

By bill - February 21, 2014

GOTG-poster-featMarvel is really batting a thousand with their Guardians of the Galaxy promotions.

So earlier this week, Hasbro showed off their Guardians of the Galaxy toy line at Toy Fair, then the first trailer for the upcoming sci-fi/ action/ comedy knocked our collective socks off.  But Marvel isn’t done yet– they’ve just released a series of five vignettes introducing the team, along with a new poster.

A lot of what’s in these five new videos was also in the trailer, but there’s a few cool new clips… including our first time hearing Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon (which is perfect, in my opinion).

You can see all the videos below… but I want to make sure you also make it down to the new one sheet, which is truly incredible.  Not only does this poster buck all the boring trends of modern blockbuster posters (no Photoshop debris floating around, no back-to-the-camera shots), it’s the most comic book-y one sheet we’ve seen yet from any comic movie.

I could totally see this being the cover of any issue of Guardians if I stopped by the comic shop, and I love that!  I’ve been a believer in this movie all along, but somehow Marvel has managed to dial up my excitement more and more with each new tease they dangle in front of us.  It will be a long wait til August 1st…

Check out the videos and poster below:

GOTG_Teaser_1-Sht_v6b_lg (2)

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