Meet McFarlane’s Michonne & More Skybound SDCC Exclusives

By bill - June 25, 2015

michonne-featMcFarlane Toys revisits Michonne with a Skybound exclusive action figure, coming to Comic Con.

McFarlane Toys’ Walking Dead toy line keeps going strong, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing another all new figure coming to Comic Con, as a Skybound exclusive.  Instead of a new side character like Jesus or Ezekiel, though, this year brings us an all new update on one of the core characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic series, Michonne.

The perpetual badass was certainly in need of an update– we haven’t seen a comic-inspired toy based on her since the very first Walking Dead wave years ago.  The new figure features the vastly improved sculpting and articulation we’ve come to expect from McFarlane’s contemporary line, and she should fit in perfectly with other recently released comic book figures, as she’s designed in her “All Out War” era outfit.  I’m sold!

AOW-McFarlane-Michonne-bothThe Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure ($25)-Michonne is the next character in Skybound’s exclusive lineup of limited edition Walking Dead action figures from McFarlane Toys. This new version of Michonne comes in her All Out War-era garb with her sword and pistol and is available in full color and black & white with blood splatter. Quantities are limited.

Sjybound has a lot more to offer at Comic Con, too.  There’s a few books and other collectibles, as well as two more toys aside from the McFarlane figure.  October Toys is bringing two new PVC mini packs, continuing this awesome series, and then there’s the crossbow.  This thing is pretty cool– it’s based on the weapon used by Dwight in the comic series– and it fires foam darts.  I can’t think of better ways to spend $40, personally.


The Walking Dead PVC Miniatures 2-packs – Ezekiel and Shiva, Whispers 2 pack ($10 each)-Next in the series of The Walking Dead PVC Miniatures comes a pack of gruesome Whisperers and a 2-pack of Ezekiel and his tiger, Shiva! Designed by October Toys, these PVC miniatures come in 3 different colors. Limited to 200 each


CrossbowThe Walking Dead Foam Dart Crossbow ($40)-It’s time to take your foam dart wars to the next level with the truly iconic weapon, inspired by the Saviours’ own Dwight, the crossbow.  With The Walking Dead Foam Dart Crossbow, leave no one, or thing, standing on the battlefield.

You can see even more Skybound exclusives here.  What’s got you the most excited?

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