Mega Bloks Creates Some Hot Wheels

By kastor417 - September 5, 2013

Mega bloks Hot Wheels Kastor's KornerOn of the most fun toys sitting on my desk right now is from Mega Bloks. The Hot Wheel Super Blitzen Monster truck is a mix of race car and truck with endless possibilities.What makes a good building block toy is the ability to build not only what is on the box, but more.

Mega bloks Hot Wheels Kastor's Korner07The there are three builds in this set, all using the same pieces with very few left over parts, and a race car driver. The two sports cars can be built one with a hard top and one with an open top. They are both sleek designs that look cool on any desk.

The real winner of the set though is the monster truck. After building either of the cars, you take off the wheels and attach it to the monster truck tire frame. The truck version towers over the figure  in this set. Not only does the truck look cool it also has a fun action feature, move on its own. One smooth pull back on a flat surface will charge the mechanism in the rear tires, and letting it go will send it zooming forward. In a day when toys have lost some oomph, this truck has some amazing power. A few pull back will send it crashing through almost any toy barrier you can put in its way.

Overall this is one of the best building toy sets out today, with a lot a replay value, and some fun action features.

Thanks to Mega Bloks for this set for review

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