Mega Construx Heroes Build a New Mini Figure Universe

By bill - August 30, 2017

Star Trek The Next Generation, Aliens, and Masters of the Universe take center stage in Mega Construx’s awesome new line of mini figures.

One of the ways Mega Construx is deviating from most brick and mini figure makers is with their single-carded minis.  Yes, you can still find a fair share of blind bags as well, but Mega lines like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics, Halo, and Call of Duty have also released 2″ figures on tiny blister cards, with a few more accessories than you’d find in your average blind bag.

The latest single card wave is a diverse assortment of properties, released under the “Mega Construx Heroes” banner, which includes He-Man and Skeletor (making their official mini figure debut!), as well as Xenomorphs and Colonial Marines from Aliens, and Captain Picard and a Borg Drone from Star Trek TNG.

Overall, the figures are really impressive.  The MOTU guys share the same beefy base body (a departure from the customized Warcraft figures used in Mattel’s Comic Con display a few years ago), along with lots of new parts like their screen accurate harnesses, headsculpts, and signature weapons (sword and shield for He-Man, ram skull staff for Skeletor).  These little guys are a ton of fun, and having the main hero and villain already has me itching to build out the Masters universe in this format… hopefully I’m not alone on that, and Mega Construx can make that a reality.

We’ve seen Mega Construx tackle Star Trek in the past, but these minis mark the first Next Generation characters ion this format. Picard is pretty cool, dressed in his red Starfleet uniform, and packing both a tricorder and a phaser rifle… and his headsculpt is really nice.  The Mega Construx aesthetic is, of course, stylized, but it’s easy to recognize who this little guy is right away.

The Borg is cool, too, especially his extra parts.  The various batteries, wires, and packs attached to the figure are all removable, and can be placed on different pegs around his body, which makes him a perfect candidate for basic customization.  He even includes two unique pieces of headgear and two different hand/ gun weapons.  All this means you can get multiple distinct looking Borg Drones out of each single packed figure, which is music to the ears of an army builder like me.

Speaking of, the Alien is even more addicting. This beast features a great headsulpt, and lots of new overlays and parts to represent its unique physiology, as well as adding some welcome height to the beast.  The Alien makes great use of the Mega Construx mini fig articulation pattern, and extra pieces like the poseable tails allow you to get this creature in a wide variety of creepy action poses.  The Alien also includes two Facehuggers, one with its legs spread and one in mid, uh, face hug.  The latter is really cool because it’s designed to fit around the head of a standard Mega mini fig, and even features a loop at the tip of the tail so it can “wrap” around the figure’s neck. It’s… pretty awesome.

What good is an Alien without someone to menace? Rounding out this assortment is a Colonial Marine as featured in James Cameron’s Aliens. If you’ve seen any of Mega Construx Halo of Call of Duty figures, the general look and feel of the Marine shouldn’t be a big surprise. He features a removable helmet (though no hair piece to replace the removed helmet) and chest armor, but sculpted shin guards.  While he’s touted as a generic Marine, the freaked out look on his face, along with the deco on his body armor clearly establishes this as Hudson… will he be our only Marine, or does Mega Construx have other #SquadGoals in mind?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

At five bucks a pop, the Mega Construx Heroes are a great value… and a tempting opportunity for army builders. I’m very intrigued to see what direction Mega Construx will take this banner going forward… will we see main characters from more properties rolled in, or will these particular brands expand with more mini figures and/ or building sets?  Each of these three franchises seems rife with potential when it comes to building toys, so let’s hope Mega Construx feels the same way in the future!


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