Metal Is Back In Style With Jada Toys

By kastor417 - December 27, 2017

Jada Toys takes on a lot of worlds with their new Nano-Metal Figs. 

The world of metal toys is a hard one to get into for many companies. They don’t offer a lot of play in a world where articulation is king, but Jada might have figured out how to make them hard to pass for collectors and kids. These new Nano Metal figures remind me of the 80’s Star Wars line, which only lasted a year, but with such an expansive list of chracters this line has some legs.

Mixing the world of DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Disney the Nano Metal line is fun to hunt down and collect. They are a perfect size, and perfect price point. At about $1 each this new line is made up of single packs, Multi-packs, and play sets. Jada Toys sent over a couple of the 5 pack for us and the line up and colors are perfect. Each of the packs gives you just enough, so that once you open them you want more.

The DC Comics pack gives you the big names in their modern looks, along with a twist on Batman. This version is the Thomas Wayne Flashpoint Batman, making sure if you want to complete the JLA you will have track down a normal Batman. The set also gives you everything you need to battle good and evil, with Lex Luthor against the Justice League. I’m not a fan of the Rebirth costumes, but the metallic paint and bright colors look amazing.

Disney is also a good balance of characters, making sure to pair up Buzz Lightyear and Woody and Mike and Sully. Rounding out the Disney set is Mr. Incredible, unfortunately he is the only character from his world. Jada Toys has done a great job balancing characters from the same worlds, so we can hope they will complete the team or a few villains from that world soon.

The overall look and feel of these figures is great, they are priced just right to make them easy to collect. for the size they are also incredibly detailed. One  word of warning, because they are metal figures the pain can flake off if you drop or bang them around. I know it is not the goal, but some customizers can have fun putting some custom paint on them.

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