Metropolis to Superman: ‘Thanks For Destroying Our City’

By bill - June 20, 2014

A giant Superman statue was revealed on the Batman vs Superman set, and the latest rumors suggest the weird reason it exists.

Last week, photos from the set of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice revealed a headless Superman statue.  With no context around the image, many fans wondered what was up with it.  Well, now Batman-News has a rumored scoop as to what is going on with this giant stone Kryptonian:

The statue was built to celebrate Superman saving the Earth in the first movie — Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice takes place about two years after the events of Man of Steel. Gotham and Metropolis news trucks and helicopters were on the scene to cover the Mayor’s speech and the statue unveiling. Elementary school kids wore “Superman Survivors” shirts and helped pull a sheet off the statue for the big reveal. They also released real doves to celebrate statue unveiling.

The report goes on to suggest the head of the statue isn’t missing, it will be added in post production.

It’s not that I don’t buy the veracity of this rumor, but quite frankly I think it kind of sucks.  As one of those people who was truly troubled by the wanton– and unaddressed– mass carnage, property damage and implied civilian casualties in Man of Steel, I was really, really hoping there would be repercussions of that in this new movie.

I’m still confident the devastation left in the wake of Superman’s brawl with Zod will be part of the motive for Batman being “versus” the Man of Tomorrow, but it rings of bullshit that the general public would be A-Okay with the man who leveled their city and likely murdered a ton of their friends and pets.

From what I’ve heard, Arrow handled a similar issue quite well, rolling the kill-happy, irresponsible nature of Ollie from the first season into a legitimate character arc in the second.  I like that a lot, and I was really hoping for some of that in our “Versus” movie, too.  Feature Supes– the man who can do anything– crippled not by a non-existent task he can’t beat, but by his own fear of knowing first-hand what his powers are capable of unleashing.  Have us wonder if Lex Luthor may be totally justified in his campaign of hatred against our hero.  And ground all that pathos in that fight which left Metropolis a shambles.

It actually doesn’t have to be dour or grim ‘n gritty as all that, but while the movie kind of sucked, I think Superman Returns was onto something with the idea of the best conflict to make Superman an interesting character would be an internal one, instead of external.  Will we get to see that in Dawn of Justice?  I can’t imagine, unless the people of Earth are burning that statue in effigy.

Source: Batman-News

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