One:12 Wednesday- Mezco Brings Back The Joker

By kastor417 - October 24, 2018

The Joker gets the deluxe treatment from Mezco Toys, and is in just as high demand as the first version. 

When the One:12 line started Mezco picked the one Batman I could not stand, The Dark Knight. For some that was the story line that changed the game, but for me like the Keaton movie it was not my Batman. So I was not going to collect the line, but then running this site I had to do some photos for a review. Bill let me borrow his Joker to do some close up shots, and well I was hooked. Within 2 months I tracked down most of the DC Comics figures, thanks to Mike’s Comic N Stuff, and was hungry for more. So when this Joker went on sale I jumped at the chance to buy my first Mezco figure from Mezco.

Bill did an amazing job reviewing the first figure, and I’m not going to try to top that, but I will focus on the new features of the figure. The basics are the same, but the colors and accessories really make this a deluxe figure. This version comes with five portraits, with each one appearing crazier than the next. The one which comes attached in the package has his fedora, which it is glued to the head, and is my only complaint about all the heads. Posing him holding the hat, or taking it off would have been a lot of fun, but honestly with 4 other portraits I can’t complain too much. This new suit has a more 80’s classic look to it, and it comes with a trench coat to complete the full ensemble. The shade of purple in this version is very eye catching for anyone who grew up in the 80’s in contrast to the deeper color that came with the first version.

The weapons included in this set are worthy of the Clown Prince of Crime. You get some fun ones like the bomb and teeth, some normal ones like a hand gun and uzi, and some scary ones like a straight razor, knife, and crowbar. The detail work on the bomb and teeth are amazing for this scale, and sure to be part of many dioramas for collectors. I think while all the others are cool, but the razor is my favorite. It just makes him that much more scary, and for the crazy that is the Joker a weapon like that can be used in so many ways. Each of the guns is also, like other weapons in the One:12 line, has moving parts. All the small details of these extra only add to the overall value of the set. You feel like you got your moneys worth when you open this up and pose him.

This won’t be the last Joker, but sure to be one people will be hunting for on the secondary market for a long time. Make sure to order your One:12 figures from our sponsor Mike’s Comic N Stuff,so you don’t have to pay those inflated prices.

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