Mezco One:12 Goes Under The Sea With Aquaman

By kastor417 - December 30, 2019

Mezco delivers the King of the Seas, Aquaman, just in time for Xmas to all the One:12 collectors.

Mezco has been balancing the classic looks with updated designs to all the DC characters in the One:12 line, so whenever they come closer to the comic book designs it makes this collector happy. Aquaman delivers on so many levels, getting us closer to the full Justice League roster, a Super Powers inspired appearance, and the ability to make a bright orange and green costume look cool.

I wasn’t sure they could pull it off, I mean he was the butt of the joke on so many tv shows, but in the end Mezco did, making him able to stand toe to toe with the classic Superman and Flash. It also helps that the fish talking hero of the deep has been turning the tide of popularly no doubt in part to the love of our fellow action figure aficionado over at AFI and Jason Momoa. This figure with sharp fins, no really they look good but also hurt, is going to be around for bit, but don’t sleep on him or you might be out of luck.

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