Mezco Reveals Toy Fair Exclusive Breaking Bad Walter White Variant

By bill - January 29, 2014

walter-white-NYTF-featMezco Toyz is getting ready for Toy Fair, and they’re bringing a special edition variant figure of Walter White from Breaking Bad along for the ride.

Mezco is gearing up for an exciting 2014 with the debut of their Sons of Anarchy product line, as well as new stuff on the horizon for Breaking Bad, Axe Cop, Thundercats and many more fan favorite properties.  They’re also releasing a special limited edition Walter White figure at the show, a repaint of the Heisenberg figure with a new, less criminal mastermind-y paint job.

This is the closest we’ve seen to a “standard” Walter figure in the line, and it’s another really smart repaint.  Since Walt is an exclusive to a non-public trade show like Toy Fair, Mezco are also being stand up guys and releasing a limited number of the new figure on their website, so fans everywhere have their shot to add this latest Walter figure to their collection.

Here’s all the details on the new figure, straight from Mezco:

The New York International Toy Fair is the world’s largest and most important industry-only toy show. “Toy Fair Only” collectible items are a proud tradition and Mezco Toyz continues this custom with the introduction of their Walter White Limited Edition Figure.

This unforgettable figure features Walter Walter with his khaki pants and green shirt as seen in several of the series’ most memorable episodes. He comes complete with removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash, and a bag of blue crystals.

Mezco will be offering the figures to select guests of the Mezco Toyz booth (#4931). Since this event is not open to the public, a small amount of this limited-run figure will be available for purchase via the Mezco Toyz webstore:

Walter White: chemistry genius turned science teacher turned kingpin; the central character of Sony Picture Television’s critically acclaimed, award-winning, hit series Breaking Bad, is now one of the most rare and sought after items at Toy Fair.

Relive the tense, edge of your seat excitement as Mezco’s Breaking Bad action figure stares at you from inside his collector friendly clamshell package, he dares you to make your move.

Figure stands approx 6 inches tall.

All Hail The King!

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