Mezco Toyz Dares You To Test Your Luck This Friday The 13th

By bill - September 12, 2013

friday-13th-featMezco Toyz is running a pretty cool promotion for one day only, on Friday the 13th.

There’s certain rules if you’re going to run a mystery box kind of purchase.  One, it has to be fun… Two, it has to have the potential to be something super cool… and Three, it has to be cheap.  Mezco is offering a one-day sale of a special Friday the 13th mystery box that hits all three notes perfectly.

For only $13, you can order a set that will contain four toys– a Mez-Itz figure, a plush, a glow in the dark figure, and one more random mystery item.

The boxes are limited to 130 on sale, and they go live on Friday the 13th at 1pm EST.  While this won’t necessarily score you that one Mezco item you’ve long desired, I can think of worse ways to burn less than $15, and it’s a totally fun promotion, so we like that!

Here’s the whole skinny on the sale…

Mezco Presents Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Box

Triskaidekaphobics rejoice! Mezco has just made Friday the 13th less frightening, with their Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Box.

Each $13 box will contain:

  • A mystery Mez-Itz 6inch figure
  • A mystery glow in the dark figure
  • A mystery plush figure

Plus, as a special surprise, each 13th lucky customer will receive a special additional bonus item. What kind of bonus item?

It could be:

  • A Monster Scale Frankenstein worth $100
  • A Mega Scale Batman worth $200
  • A Living Dead Doll
  • Or another sought after Mezco item.

An offer this good can’t last long, only 130 Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Boxes are available starting at 1300 hours (1pm EST) on Friday 9/13, so shoo that black cat out of the way, walk under that ladder, and place your order online at

Photo Credit: Richard Ford

Photo Credit: Richard Ford

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