Mezco Toyz Reveals 2013 Comic Con Exclusives

By bill - June 13, 2013

mezco-sdcc-final-featMezco Toyz reveals their impressive Comic Con 2013 offerings.

Over the past few weeks, Mezco Toyz has been rolling out their 2013 Comic Con exclusives, and this year is seeing the release of some very awesome pieces.  While the deluxe edition Walter White in his cook suit may be the biggest show stopper of the mix, we also get a fourth installment in Mezco’s popular Thundercats roto series, with the incredibly slick looking Cheetara.  The TCats heroine is packed with Snarf, bringing us closer to realizing the full team in this scale.

We’re also getting our first taste of Axe Cop toys, with plushies based on Wexter the T-Rex and an Avocado Soldier… and of course, the replica Axe Cop badge, which looks perfect and will be mine no matter what.  The very cool Universal Monsters roto series will also continue, with not one but two exclusive variants of the fantastic looking Creature From the Black Lagoon.  The Black and White edition will be limited to 500 and should match last year’s Frankenstein beautifully.  The real winner, though, is the awesome glow in the dark variant, who’s limited to a run of 100.

Fans of the Mez-Itz series have lots to be excited about, with three new releases– a Man of Steel three-pack, a Harley Quinn clip-on, and a preview edition of the Batman ’66 set, which includes Batman, Robin and a ’66 Batmobile. The Living Dead Dolls also get some love, with the Con exclusive Resurrection Series 7.

While all of Mezco’s exclusives will be available first at SDCC, they are one of the companies that has really figured out how to handle offering exclusives to the rest of their fanbase.  You can preorder any of their Con exclusives right now, on their website.  It’s a great move to benefit fans who can’t go to San Diego for the show itself, and I wish more companies would offer non-attendee preorders this way.

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