Mezco’s One: 12 Collective Michael Myers Preorder On Halloween

By bill - October 29, 2017

Mezco picks the perfect day to launch preorders for their excellent One: 12 Collective Michael Myers figure.

One corner of the One: 12 Collective Mezco will be focusing on this coming year is with their horror figures. On deck for 2018, we’re going to see Ash from Evil Dead 2, a pair of zombies from Dawn of the Dead, and it all starts with Michael Myers, the slasher who started it all in John Carpenter’s Halloween.  Mezco’s One:12 figure of Michael is one of the best looking Halloween collectibles of all time, and the fabric/ plastic style of the One:12 Collective lends itself perfectly to Michael’s iconic blue jumpsuit and creepily soulless white mask.

The One: 12 Michael Myers will go for preorder this coming Tuesday, October 31st… hey, that’s Halloween! To reveal this perfect preorder date, Mezco released a teaser video, which you can check out here:

I can’t wait to add this guy to my growing One: 12 Collective. Myers’ overall look may be simple by design, but Mezco’s figure promises to be just about the perfect representation of it in toy form. And, as well all know… the devil is in the details.

Mezco is promising more One: 12 surprises on Halloween, and you can get the latest by following them on Facebook, and Twitter.

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