Our Own Mike Hopkins Starts a Kick Starter Campaign!

By hopkins - October 17, 2013

Jack Rider 1Howdy folks Mike here to share the latest on Jack Rider Issue 1. After the success we enjoyed at Baltimore Comic Con, we have decided to bring our project to Kickstarter.

With your help we can get our comic book out to the public. My goal is to bring a good story to a hungry comic fan base looking for something different. Jack Rider does not fly, he cannot read minds, he’s not super strong. He is an ordinary guy forced to live an abnormal life because of a train accident. The first story arc takes place here on earth during the 1800’s in which he is tricked into helping a vampire necromancer from another world obtain a book of portals from Mexico. Later in the series Jack  has a confrontation with  Tharos the Vampire, and finds himself in a strange land with strange beings. Fighting to return home Jack sets off in a series of adventures that will take him far beyond what he ever thought was possible.

Our goal is $4,000 for this project so head over to our Kickstarter page to donate and like us on Facebook on the  Jack Rider Facebook page for updates on the project. If we meet our goal we will release the book sometime in Jan 2014.

Thanks ahead for your support.

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