NEW “Mike Tyson Mysteries” Clips And Pics Now Available

By staff-writers - November 7, 2014

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Adult Swim has released details on the upcoming episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries

“Heavyweight Champion of the Moon”


Monday, November 10

10:30 PM on Adult Swim


Mike is a terrible driver and although each driving incident has been an accident, he’s killed a lot of people. But when he discovers almost all the victims were astronauts, Mike decides there’s only one logical explanation: He must be part of a secret government plot to kill astronauts, because of something they saw on the moon, something the government doesn’t want us to know! Before giving this theory a second thought, Mike steals a rocket and blasts off for the moon. In the end, Mike learns from his auto insurer that he hasn’t been killing astronauts after all. It was a clerical error and most of the deaths were astronomers. And there can’t be a secret government plot to kill astronomers, right?

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