Mini-Monday- Dressing In Style With Lego Batman

By kastor417 - June 12, 2017

How do you get collectors to keep getting more versions of Lego Batman? Put them in alternate looks from the film, ensuring collectors would want a complete collection of Bat-suits.

One of the more elusive figures from the film is the Tiger tuxedo.  It only had a second of screen time, but when it was revealed months ago US collectors turned to eBay to find them. They were only released in Asian countries when the film was released, but then started to sneak out to other countries. It was only revealed a couple of weeks ago that these would also be released at Toys R Us as a bonus for anyone that bought $40 in Batman LEGO sets.

The drawback of buying all the sets is I don’t have anything left to get to take advantages of the free set, luckily I was able buy it by itself. The set itself is nothing special, all the parts are common, with the exception of the pod, nothing anyone who has gotten the last few sets would have in their extra parts bin.

The real selling point of this set is the tiger suit top and slight painting on the upper legs. Do I need another Bat-suit? No, not at all, but there something about collecting all the figures from this film that has become a bit of a quest. This also could double as possible stand in for Catwoman henchmen for the ’66 Batcave set.

This is sure to be on the list of hard to find over the next few years and should be a great addition to the costume wheel in the Batcave.


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