Mini-Monday- Elf Brings Christmas To Minimates

By kastor417 - January 8, 2018

We always think of Minimates for comics, sci-fi and fantasy films, but once and a while we get a set that is out side that line. The Elf Minimate set is the perfect mix of fun and toys. 

I don’t think anyone ever said I need Minimates of James Caan, Bob Newheart, and Ed Asner, but now that I have them I can say I needed them in my collection. Elf was a surprise hit, which could have been very different if the original plan had gone ahead. The original has Jim Carey attached, which would have turned it into an over the top comedy, not the heart warming story we have all come to love.

The five pack is simple with no accessories, but for this type of set I am happy to just have the 5th figure. The set includes Buddy, Jovie, Santa, Walter, and a mini Papa Elf. The expressions on all of them capture the fun of the film, and the colors are just so festive. Minimates tend to take some license with getting the looks of the actors, but Papa Elf is spot on and no doubt that is Bob Newheart. Each of the figures do include a lot of different parts, which may also turn this into a great set for customizers. Santa is also one of the best Minimates to date, with a more serious look and a great costume, much different that the Nightmare Before Christmas.

What sets this set apart from the other Minimates is a fun factor. I pose my minimates all over my house and office, but these were fun to add to Christmas decorations and hide them around the house. They may not look great out all year long, but are sure to be part of our holidays every year!

Thanks to Diamond Select Toys for this set for review


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