Mini-Monday: The Final Minimate Muppets…..

By kastor417 - July 3, 2017

The death of the TV show also spelled the end of the Muppet Minimates. Not at this is the main answer DST has given for the Muppet Minimates, so who made the final cut and who do we still want?

Diamond Select Toys has done a great job with their Minimates line, for all the properties they make, making sure fans feel like they get a well rounded collection. There are times though when a line gets cut short, but the blame can’t be put solely on DST, yes they make the final call but there are a lot of other factors that weight in that final decision. Comic shops not carrying the waves or high mark ups have been the biggest factor in Connecticut, making buying them or supporting the line nearly impossible unless you go online. Although a good option, there is also usually a markups on the shorter packed sets plus shipping costs, which also hinder supporting the lines. In the end making it difficult to find the product hurt the line, but that blame lays solely on the comic shops.

So what did we get in wave three of the Muppets Minimates? The Electric Mayhem band is complete, and two other popular characters to round out the Muppets crew. Zoot and Lips both share the normal Minimate bodies, with the long shirt extensions on the lower bodies. Lips use the flared out lower arms, we have seen for Lady Deathstrike completing his classic 70’s look. Floyd and Janice also capture the look and feel of the 70’s Muppets, right down to the Sgt. Pepper’s costume. Janice is the most unique of the band with a longer torso and short caves with molded feet. The only issue with this set is the guitars, if there was a clip on the back of it they would look more natural with the Minimates. There is also a tambourine to round out the band’s look.

Peppy and the Newsman are also a unique pairing with unique parts. I don’t know if i would have grouped these two together, but they help round out the cast. The Newsman has a normal body, but captures the Muppet look with an extra long head. He comes with his news notes, and once again 70’s era plaid suit. Pepe the prawn as the most unique tooling of the line, with shorten legs (like Janice) a four armed torso, and a mini head with sculpted hair. The face print is perfect for this high energy character. There is also a Kermit and Fozzie from Muppets Most Wanted, but I will admit they were not a big enough draw to track down.

This is the last wave of announced Muppets, and it is a shame. We got Pigs in Space, the main crew of Muppets, and the entire Band, but with this property there is always more. Most would say this is pretty close to complete, but it will always be missing my favorite, Rizzo the Rat.

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