Mini-Monday: Off To The LEGO Jungle

By kastor417 - June 19, 2017

LEGO expands past the City to the Jungle with the new theme, full of big cats and adventure bound minifigures. 

Year after year LEGO rolls out new and redone Police and Fire sets, but they also try to expand the world of City from time to time. We have seen the Arctic, Volcanos, and the Coast Guard, but they are not as dynamic as this year’s expansion, Jungle Adventures.

The sets range from a starter pack at $10 going all the way up to well over $100 and really fill out the theme offering fun vehicles, the orange/yellow bricks, and a lot of animals. The draw back is what it offers in variety, it lacks in minifigures. There is not much diversity in the figures, which for a person who buys sets mainly for them a much harder sell.

So what is the appeal of the set? It is all the little details they have worked into these sets. The two sets (60157 & 60159), both are sets with new or improved animals, which are the major draw for this collector. Between the two sets there are four new or updated animals; a big spider, a crocodile with painted yellow eyes, a lime green snake, and a panther. The big cats continue in this theme in other sets with a leopard (out now) and a tiger coming later this year. These set pieces and vehicles are clearly meant to be part of the bigger theme, feeling out of place on their own. The mini ruins and tree look much better as part of the bigger temple ruins in the larger sets, so those collectors who get them will only be temped to get the bigger sets at some point down the road.

This is a fun theme to break up all the main City sets, expanding the line and give some fun new parts and animals to kids and collectors.

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