Mini-Monday- Minimates Are Ready For Ragnarok

By kastor417 - November 6, 2017

Thor Ragnarok might be one of the best Marvel films and Diamond Select Toys has an equally great assortment of Minimates based on the film. 

Minimates is one of the few toy lines that can really fill out a movie cast, and this time they might have made everything I wanted from the film. Sure I kinda want a civilian Odin, but other than that this is one of the most solid Minimate waves to date. Now when I say wave, I mean the comic shop 4 pack, the Walgreens wave, and the Toys R Us wave.  It will mean a little bit of hunting, but well worth it for everyone that is included.

The four pack is a mixed bag, because you get a Banner and Loki that are not in any other set, but the Thor and Hela are repeats. The Banner comes in a grey suit, which does not match his on screen suit, and alternate angry head, which does match his mini Hulk out in the film. Loki in this pack is in his more classic black and green look, with his big pointy helmet. Both of these are needed enough to fill out your MCU collection and worth the set.

I will admit when I found the wave at Walgreens I was so excited I forgot about the extra Thor and Hela, so I got them here as well as the box set.  Hela comes with two looks weird helmet and just her hair, but missing his her sword. Thor on the other hand might be the most complete overall figure of all the sets. He comes in his gladiator armor, with helmet and short hair, and his two swords. Valkyrie is in her Sakaar look, with her knives and sword, and Hulk comes in full gladiator gear. The real stand outs in the Walgreens wave are the Grandmaster and Skurge (yes that is a spare axe bc he did not come with one), both were new to the Thor world and stole the show. In the middle of all the great lines, both Goldblum and Urban both made the roles their own and it was so great to get them in figure form. Roadworn Thor and black suit Loki are also great additions to the MCU Thor world, and also worth a trip to Walgreens to track down.

Finally Toys R Us got the exclusive Sakaar Loki and Heimdall. This is the 3rd Loki in the Ragnarok line, making be wonder just who the star of the film is, since there are only two versions of Thor. Heimdall is another great Minimate, encumbered a little by his coat but otherwise a great design. The only thing that would make him better is if he had some printing on the torso under the coat.

I like the hunt, but also like to be able to find what I am looking for when I go looking. Walgreens and Toys R Us has been great at restocking, but honestly comic shops have to get on the ball. Even after asking repeatedly for the ones in CT to carry Minimates, and offering to buy all they have just to make it worth it they still won’t do it. So instead of going into comic shops and ending up buying books and more toys, I just order them online.


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