Mini-Monday: SDCC Spider-man Homecoming Minimates

By kastor417 - August 21, 2017

Spider-man Homecoming had some fun minimates, but this SDCC exclusive set rounds out the major looks and is not hard to get. 

There are times when a convention exclusive is a must have for collectors, so they have to sometimes spend days in line just to get one thing. To me that is a waste of a convention, you don’t get to enjoy your time because frankly the lines there suck. From rules that are hard to understand, low numbers of items produced, to the convention staff having no compassion for the fans, it can be a real pain to get the items you want.

Minimates has never been a line that is impossible to get, and even though I was at the show I ordered my Spider-man:Homecoming Minimate set online, and it was waiting at home after the show. This was the missing piece of the Spider-man sets, getting a fun Spider-man and a Keaton out of the costume was just what the sets needed. Would I have liked some of the other secondary characters? Yes, but they don’t make or break the sets. Having yet another version of the Vulture from both the beginning and the end of the film are are perfect compliment set. What also makes this a great set, is the only part that is exclusive to the set is the half masked Spider-man. Customizers can recreate most of this set from other parts, but for the true collector this will be a must have. It also adds some fun to a more serious line up, with the break time Spider-man.

In the end will this go down as one of the hard sets to find, or a holy grail for collectors? Probably not, but it is one fun set, so get yours on line at Toys R Us.

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