Mini-Monday: Spider-Man Homecoming- The Lego Sets

By kastor417 - May 29, 2017

We are just a little over a month away from Spider-man: Homecoming, and the LEGO sets give us a brief glimpse into the film. 

The comic that comes with the two sets, gives a little hint as to part of the film, and the minifgures give us even more info.

There are two LEGO sets for the film; The ATM Heist (76082) and Beware the Vulture (76083). Both sets provide collectors with the heroes  and villains of the film as well as some fun builds to add to their superhero displays.

The ATM heist is a great set to add to your City set ups, it would fit perfectly next to any of the modular builds, with something many don’t have, an ATM machine. The build is small, has a lot to offer, with a huge front breakaway window, two ATM’s inside, and a few attachment points for the Web Slinger. The whole build can spilt in half thanks to some hinges in the side to help pose figures in the build as well as rebuild things after the crooks are gone. So what would help make this a great build? It’s simple, a roof. That is the only thing that holds back this set, and for the average builder it will be no problem to make a small roof, but it would have been a nice way to finish off the set. Included with the set are three minifigures, a dirt bike, small weapon build. The two villains in the set are the robbers from the trailer, but we only get two of the four. We get the Hulk and Cap masked men, but Thor and Iron Man is missing. Each of them have a masked face, with some bruised looks on the back of their heads.

Beware the Vulture rounds out the big names in the film, as well as two builds.The first major build of the set is a work truck, with a fold out back and cannon. The truck is plain enough to fit into any City set up, and looks different enough from the other trucks making it a fun build overall. There are small parts and crates too, helping to complete the overall playset feel between both sets. The other build in the set is the Vulture’s wings. The build looks good from the front, but the back is just all bottom of bricks with no attempt to hide them. I expect that once the film comes out fans will be making custom wings for this guy with a lot more moving parts.

The minifigures in this set are the bigger names of the film, with the two main villains and one and a half heroes. The film Vulture has a whole new torso, but reuses the old man Vulture head from last year’s Doc Ock set. Its a shame they went with this head, because Michael Keaton’s Vulture is much younger than the old man from the comics. Shocker also does not look like his comic look at all, with only a single sided head and no mask. He reuses the metal gauntlets seen over the last few years, and the only thing that makes him recognizable as the Shocker is the waffle printing on his arms. Iron Man is also new to the set, but a twist in the film might have been given away in this set. This is not Tony in the armor, but rather just the armor being remote controlled. How do we know? well there is no head inside the armor, but translucent blue brick. The Spider-men in both sets has been updated from last year’s tanker truck set, with new torso and leg printing. I know reusing parts is a way of life in the toy world, but a mask for shocker, an unmasked head for Spider-man, or a new face for Vulture would have made good sets great.


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