Mini-Monday: Spider-man: Homecoming Minimates Swing Into Stores

By kastor417 - June 26, 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming is almost here and the Minimates give us a little glimpse into the film. 

The Marvel Legends line gives collectors the major names, but the only minimates provides collectors with a more well rounded collection of Spider-Man: Homecoming figures. This line like many is spilt between comic shops and Toys R Us, making it a little bit of a hunt to get them all.The comic shop series, made up of four sets,  while the TRU wave has one exclusive set along with a couple of the CS wave, but regardless of the retailer there is a lot of Peter Parker.

It is always nice civilian characters are included in toy lines, it helps collectors round out the overall look of a display. Minimates has always done a great job in giving us a wealth of characters in each wave, especially when it comes to the movie lines. We not only get Peter (well lots of Peters), but also Aunt May, the Tinkerer, and Happy Hogan. All four are a great additions to the line, and even though only Peter comes with accessories, they are worth picking up. The Tinkerer is not a house hold name, but one that Marvel fans will recognize as one of the inventor/fixer of all the wonderful villain toys we see in comics. There are some glimpses of him in the trailer, and giving him a figure should mean he has a sizable part in the film, hopefully continuing to help build the super weapons not only in the Spider-world but all of the MCU. Aunt May is the most radical change to a character in the MCU knocking off decades from the look of the chracters. This figure updates the character to her modern look, which does catch Tony’s eye, and will join Howard, Jane, Peggy, and others who support out heroes in the MCU. Happy Hogan rounds out the secondary characters, with no accessories, not even a suitcase for the Spider-suit, but is a much needed update to the old Minimate from the Iron Man 2 wave. It looks more like Favreu, and a fitting tribute to the man who started this whole world of Marvel heroes. I almost forgot there is one more secondary figure, and Iron Man armor. So why did I call it an armor and not Tony? Well first off If tony was in the suit we usually get a mask not a normal Minimate head, also the Lego version was also missing that Tony head, and finally the recently surfaced Marvel Legends figure is also missing Tony’s face. So this “drone” is a great update to the Hall of Armors we all have from the MCU, and it also sports new gauntlets making this stand out in the sea of armors we all own.

The wave includes the two villains named for the film, though I here there are more, in some what costumes; Shocker and Vulture. Shocker is a bit of a let down, with a more normal looking person appearance. We have seen set photos that show the classic costume, on set, so there is hope we will see that version as part of the SDCC set, which has yet to be revealed. Vulture on the other hand might be one of the best Minimates to date. He captures the look of Keaton in the film, with the trademark smirk under the mask. This figure might also have the best version of the wings of the three I have gotten in toy form. They are detailed, massive, and look like the film, which all add up to a good job. The only thing that could have improved this figure is secondary parts, which would allow him to be displayed with or without the tech. This is something most Minimate collectors could pull off with all the extra parts they have if it was not for the pegs in the jacket.

Finally the waves wrap with lots of Peter Parker figures, not a bad thing but I have a feeling after the film people will want more chracters. There is a Stark Tech suit, a homemade suit and battle damaged version, and a plain clothes Peter. This line up is pretty standard for the past few Spider-man films so it should not come as a surprise it was so Peter heavy. All the details on the suits are different enough that they are worth having, and they also may give some subtile clues to the action of the film.

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