Minimate Monday- Deadpool Returns For More ‘Mates

By kastor417 - April 10, 2017

When in doubt make more Deadpool everything. Diamond Select Toys fills the Deadpool void with yet another wave of figures based mainly on the Merc with a Mouth.

This wave could be easily broken down into two parts; Deadpool and not Deadpool. Each of the four packs include the famous Merc, in various looks from Zen to 1980’s glory. The ‘oldest’ of the set is the Secret Wars Deadpool, He comes with a full head mask to hide his Tom Selleck like head, and comes with 80’s hair and a shirtless torso. DST nailed the look of the 80’s style costume, with the giant letters on his chest and cheesy yellow gun holsters. The Marvel Now version is very close to the Toys R Us version, with slightly different colors, so he is not a big selling point for the wave. The Mascot Deadpool is the fun one of the bunch, with two torso’s, seems to be a theme in this wave, allowing you to make a half suited Mascot or fully suited one. The only issue with this figure is the mascot hat, most head parts fit in the head with a peg, but this one does not have a hole, so you could put the hat on any figure, but could fall off if you’re not careful. Finally is Zen-pool who might stand out as one of the coolest versions of the character. Of the four ‘pools of this wave, he is the simplest, with only a floating base and baby Deadpool.

The rest of the wave rounds out some famous X-men names and one very friendly Hydra Agent. Cable, the sidekick in the next film, has his overcoat and modern look, with a new baby mutant. With all the bright hero colors this gray and white Cable stands out, and is striking. Keeping with the white and gray theme is Domino or really Copycat as Domino. Like the other figures she has a second torso, with blue skin and can share all of his weapons. Moving on to more colors fans finally get a Bob the Hydra goon, with not one but two heads; one with a smile and one with a worried look. He has more details to his costume than the Hydra Elite figures, and wish we got a whole wave of variants of this costume to army build them. The final figure in the wave is one more famous X-man, Siryn. She has been part of X-force, but like her father Banshee, comes with a sonic scream effect and flight stand.

This is on fun wave, even for a person who hates filling his boxes with variants.The figures are just different enough to find a spot for them in any display with a lot of extra parts, making this one not to pass up if you see it at the store.

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