Minimate Monday- Deadpool Takes On Marvel Heroes

By kastor417 - April 3, 2017

Who doesn’t need more Deadpool in their lives, and this mini set of Minimates gives you so much Deadpool. 

In this Toys R Us exclusive wave of Minimates you get four Deadpool mates for the price of three. Of the the Deadpools come with a classic hero, giving collectors some extra classic heroes for their desks.

How do you pair up a debut Deadpool? With a classic first appearance Wolverine of course. This Wolverine is just different enough to make it worth picking up. He has a full mask and much brighter colors than the previous version of the costume. Debut Deadpool comes with two swords, and his signature Liefild Squint. Missing though his a holder for the sword, something that was part of his original costume, but from the original art I have no idea how the holders were attached to his back. The Minimate as all the other little details from the first appearance, as well as the overall gray look to his costume.

Continuing with the first appearance theme, Hulk makes a great addition. He is a much brighter green that the other Minimate Hulks, but does not offer any new parts, only a new expression. This is a much more comic book looking figure, with the brighter colors, and shares the arms and legs with it’s partner figure Transforming Hulkpool. So why is called Transforming? Well under all the Hulkpool parts is another Deadpool. This one a much more modern, generic, Deadpool. This always leads to the collectors dilemma, should you get two so you can have Hulkpool and a Deadpool? If they go on clearance I might grab one more, maybe.

Finally teaming up the dynamic duo of the Marvel Universe, Spider-man-fully armored  and modern Deadpool with burnt face. Deadpool has a thing for Spidey, so when they go out on this mission Deadpool dresses up the webslinger with Cable’s armor and weapons. Adding the spider symbol to the chest armor, makes it the Spidey suit. This set gives you two look for both, with a head swap for Deadpool and a normal Spider-man under all the armor. The only thing that could make this set better would be a confused or angry Spider-man head. It would have made all the difference.

This is a fun set, and was super easy to find. Did I need more Wolverine, Hulk, or Spider-man Minimates? Nope, but pack it with Deadpool and I’m sold.

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