Minimate Monday: Back To The Future – Back To 1955

By kastor417 - February 6, 2017

Diamond Select Toys last Back to the Future four-pack rounds out the big looks of the 50’s for collectors.¬†

There will never be enough Back to the Future toys for me, so this set is a little bitter sweet. It is the last set for the foreseeable future, but it does fill some gaps in the BTTF roster.

Two looks that have never been done in Minimate form the first appearance of 1955 Doc Brown and George McFly. Doc is wearing his sliver and black evening coat that he wears when Marty first knocks on his door, and he comes with his mind reading headgear complete with suction cup. The head gear is more for looks then function, but for those of us without the first set it is a great addition. George is also in his first appearance look of George, his peeping tom look complete with binoculars.

Marty also has a new look, his tasseled up cowboy outfit. Marty comes with a hatless look, for his first trip to Hill Valley in 1885 and also two other BTTF 3 accessories,¬†Copernicus and Doc Brown’s grave stone. The final figure in the set is Marvin Berry, the famous band leader who sliced his hand and gave Marty his shot on stage. Marvin comes with the famous red guitar and bandaged hand. It really is the tiny details that makes these sets so much fun. Do we need a grave stone? no but with it there are so many ways to display the figures.

So what is left for the Back to the Future Minimates? All background characters, which don’t always sell sets. I would like Biff’s gang in all times, maybe the rest of Marvin’s band, and of course both versions of the 85 McFlys. Will they ever happen? Probably not, but one can hope.


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