Minimate Monday: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

By kastor417 - April 24, 2017

The Guardians of the Galaxy sequel is almost here, and the Minimates from Diamond Select Toys is just enough to fill the void until the movie.

Minimate fans will notice right off the bat that this wave is light on accessories, but it makes up for that with original tooling and the paint details on all of the figures. Two of the packs are updates of the first movie characters and the other two are all new characters from the sequel, making this a well rounded series.

Gamora and Rocket get teamed up with a baby Groot, for the only three pack of the series. Rocket and Groot swap places in this set, in the first movie set Rocket was a mini Minimate with had no moving parts, but this time Rocket is a fully functional figure. Rocket has shortened legs and forearms but the rest of him is a normal figure, making him much closer to his on screen look and size. He comes with a rather large gun, which fits the character perfectly. Also included is a baby Groot, and this time he is the one who does not have any moving parts. The color is much lighter than the on screen look, but the detail in the sculpt stunning for this size. He looks like a real Minimate, right down to the joint cuts sculpted in to the figure. Gamora has a new trench coat look, with her sword. The paint detail work on her legs and face are a great update to the character, but given her tough personality in the films her expression is a little soft. The hair and coat do restrict her posing a little, but not enough to hurt overall.

Yondu gets a partial update, with a new belt and hair, but has the same coat from the first films figure. Considering how close his sequel look is to the first film it is understand able why the coat is reused. He does get a new fully sculpted head fin and belt which can hold his arrow. The colors over all are brighter than the first figure, helping him to stand out in the series. Packaged with him is the main man himself, Peter Quill A.K.A. Star-Lord. This version is a much trimmer looking Minimate with a few minor deco points that really make a plain figure stand out. The detail work on his legs and his chains give life to an overall generic figure. Star-Lord comes with his two blasters and his helmet, which gets a new paint deco this time around.

Taserface is a new adversary for the GotG in the sequel, and like the others in this series has a good amount of detail on his arms and legs, only adding to the overall look and value of the figure. He comes with a big shotgun like weapon, and a torso overlay giving him a bulkier look than the other figures. He also has a unique head, with a beard and pony tail glued on making it his, and only his. Partnered with him is Mantis, who from the trailers looks to be a helper to Quill’s father. Her hair is a hinderance, but matches her movie look perfectly. She comes with no accessories, but makes up for it with a unique hair piece and skirt.

Ayesha might be the plainest figure of the bunch, but each series needs a villain. She is the only female in the series with hair that does not effect posing, and has very fine paint lines that all look perfect. In the film she appears to be chasing the Guardians, sending them to find Quill’s father Ego, who is our last figure in the series. There are times when figures look sort of like the real life actors, and times when they are perfectly done, this figure looks exactly like Kurt Russell. He does not have any accessories, but his torso cover is original and has a cape. Having the cape as part of the torso makes it always look good, and overall gives him a bulkier look.

This is one of the best Marvel movies Minimates today, with a great range of characters amazing little details. Don’t forget to check out our review of the Toys R Us exclusive Drax and Nebula.

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