Minimate Monday: Secret Wars- Girl Power!

By kastor417 - October 3, 2016

sw-minimates-kastors-kornerDigging through all our Minimates, we found one of the best recent waves; comic shop wave of the Secret Wars. 

It is rare that almost an entire wave of action figures is female, but this wave with the exception of the Duck is all ladies. Although this is only part of the entire wave, this is a strong foursome.

Thor and Captain Marvel are the next generation of heroes in the Marvel Universe, who could take over the Cinematic world too. sw-minimates-kastors-korner-12 sw-minimates-kastors-korner-02

The other pack matches the 70’s disco inspired Dazzler complete with skates and microphone, and Howard the Duck. While Howard has no accessories, the unique lower legs and feet along with the original head make him worth the price of the set alone.

sw-minimates-kastors-korner-04 sw-minimates-kastors-korner-09

This wave flew off store shelves quick in CT, but could be found online. They are sure to be hard to find later, so grab them while you can.


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