Minimate Monday: Secret Wars-Toys R Us Wave

By kastor417 - October 17, 2016

sw-minimates-tru-kastors-kornerThe Secret Wars Minimates are still hanging around Toys R Us, and hit all the major names in the Marvel Universe. 

The last comic wave of Minimates at Toys R Us have all the big names, a Hulk, Wolverine, 2 Spiders, and Iron Man. There is a twist none are the normal chracters, all are alternate costumes or versions of the characters. This wave is full of figures with great details and sure to be sought after as the waves slowly phases out of stores. Check out our Gallery and click on the links to order your own sets.

Old Man Logan and Dystopia Hulk

Iron Man 2099 and Ultron

Spider-Gwen and Iron Spider-man



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