Minimate Monday- Walgreens Animated 2.5

By kastor417 - January 16, 2017

We are going back a wave of Minimates in today’s Minimate Monday, taking a look at wave 2.5 of the Walgreens Animated line of exclusives. 

The Walgreens Minimates are great for collectors who are a little behind in collecting Minimates, and also allow for building the Squadron Supreme. I don’t get every set in the Animated line, but some are just too hard to pass up, not to mention they help fill in some gaps in my team rosters, and some of the designs stand out in a sea Marvel figures.

Man-Thing is the winner of the set. He fits in the animated line, but also can fit into the comic line of figures. The tooling that went into him also makes him worth the price of the pack alone. He uses the larger hands, forearms, and feet like the Hulk figures, as well as a head/body piece. The head sculpt also covers the upper body, making him look like a much larger figure next to the other Minimates. Nighthawk helps kick off the Squadron Supreme, and has some original parts too. The cape is not flat, it has all the ridges, setting him apart from all the other Minimates with capes. He also has a full head mask and hair for that unmasked look. So why were these two worth getting? Well they are both the only versions of the characters in the Minimates line, there were never comic versions made of them so this is the only way to get them in your collection.

I usually toss the regular Spider-men and common figures like Thor into what I call the clone bin, but these are just fun enough to make it into the desk rotation. Sometimes store exclusives get stripped down and have no BAF parts, no accessories, no extra parts, but that is not the case with Thor and Spyder-Knight. Thor comes with helmet, hair, hammer, and flight stand, making him just as stocked as the normal Minimate. Spyder-Knight is a little light, but does come alternate hand with sword. I have to say if I have extra versions of Spider-man I am ok with it, because I could make a whole display out of alternative versions and costumes for the web-slinger.


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