Minimate Monday- These X-men Are Classic

By kastor417 - January 15, 2018

There are times when everything comes out perfect, and this new X-men vs. The Brotherhood Minimate Box set from Diamond Select Toys is as close as it gets. 

This set almost comes completely out of an early issue of the X-men. The fourth issue of the the book introduces readers to a group of villains which include Toad, Mastermind, and Quicksilver and the minimates in this wave look just like their early counterparts. When figures come out good and they have a direct connection to the source material it makes them so much better. Collectors have been calling for Toad ever since the line started, and he finally makes his debut in this set. I am happy it took this long for the sidekick of Magneto to make it in to the line, because if he had been part of the early waves there is little doubt he would have suffered the same fate as the Marvel Legends figure; being good enough for the time and never getting an update. This version of Toad is in his classic jester like costume, and fits in perfect with the classic X-men wave from a few years ago. A couple of years ago we got a blue Quicksilver updated in a Toys R Us wave, and this year it is great to have the classic green look. The colors are clean and he ever has that classic Maximoff scowl. The final villain is the 5th figure in this 4 pack, and some collectors should have extras to build him without using another body from the set. Mastermind captures that classic coat look, and brings him into the modern Minimate world.

Now the set is not just Brotherhood but also X-men. Professor X gets yet another update, with a more detailed head design, a much better wheel chair, and a tie. In the past the tie has been a painted detail, so whenever is is a separate piece it looks so much better. The body of Professor X doubles as Mastermind’s body, so it is difficult choice which one to display. Rounding out the set is Marvel Girl AKA Jean Gray. Left out of the last classic X-men wave, this figure captures the early look of Jean, with removable mask and floating stand. Again extra parts are always welcome, even stands. It allows collectors for more dynamic posing of the collections and breaks up the static look so many of us fall back on when displaying the toys.

With more X-men movies and TV on the way I hope more classic X-men are also coming. We need updated figures for some of the chracters that have insane secondary prices.


Thank you to DST for this review sample

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